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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

just stuck in the [middle]

im a [different] kind of [average] ........

there's nothing wrong with an average girl

i see average as bein simplistic.

i see average as bein a happy medium....

average.....the average girl ....the girl next door......


no im not difficult...most times.....i am not perfect....far from it.....

average......means there is room for error...i am not 100% here...but i am not flawed enough to be a 0.

Im jus an average girl. But dnt consider me as any old regular average girl.

like i said before... im that [different] kind of average

Im like that hard ass paper that yu got a C on type average....that, 'i studied all nite on this material nd thought i had it down so why i aint get an A or B? ' type average ...

im not that........'I only got that C cuz i aint try but that shit was easy' type average...

yu feel me?

i dnt thnk so...i kno yu dnt understand....

so lemme try again to explain wat i mean....

I am not the average paper....or the average grade on a test...but i am topic of the paper...the hard topic.....that receive an average grade due to the fact that no one could really explain me.

I am the QUESTIONS on the test....that were not understood by others and in result..some answers were marked wrong and given an average grade....

i AM NOT that easy ass test that you bothered not to study for because it didnt interest you.

I AM that subject that excites yu....yu wish to learn all average English....but im the hard ass English class....that.....18th centuy English class. that....hard ass interpretation of every writing in the Shakespearean era English class. I AM interesting....yu WISH to kno all about me.... but some just arent capable...some questions will be left unanswered.

I am that average girl thats hard to many dnt succeed in gettin to kno me...

that [different] average.

i am that average girl that does average things but i put a lil twist in it..a lil trick in it...STANDOUT jus enough to not be forgotten

THAT [different] type of average...


yu wont forget me......

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

for the moment

When i see you, I admit, my heart still skips a beat.
It's undeniable, in fact, that my feelings still run deep.
But when I see you I am forced to just say 'hey' and turn the other cheek
I lost you as a lover but still have you as a friend *bittersweet

But it's like, when I look in your's hard for me to disguise..that in my stomach there are still butterflies


They all flutter all the I hide behind...this wall I built up..oh



I laugh, I no longer cry, I SMILE, and I know why...


I've lost something but I've gained so much see, your friendship is more than I could ever ask for... so i take those deep feelings and lock them behind a door.


Some people would probably say that I was crazy..I still let you in my bed but I'm not your lady,, we don't share those words; boo/bae/baby...

They would probably ask why?

They would never understand.. that even though you are not my man..

I'll still do whatever for that time cuz for that one moment you are mine...

your skin on my skin..your lips on my lips..nd for a few seconds.. your eyes and my eyes, they align...

nd then I'm taken deep..DEEP .. oh ssoooooo DEEP..

As I reminisce..for the moment.
bout how I owned it..
As I reminisce for the moment..
your fingers running through my hair like you was combin
As I reminisce for the moment
all the time spent
As I reminisce for the moment
how you were my superman, my Clark Kent.
Then im brought back to the moment..
No, permanently, I don't own it..

But I own it..temporarily it is mine..I say that again...I own it...I own it..but only for THAT moment.