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Sunday, December 13, 2009

nd wen it all falls apart

It seemed like all these guys only wanted one thing
Then I found someone who wantd the things unseen
Mind body and soul…yup all three
And fo the first time in a while I was livin the dream
I finally had someone who really liked ME

Nd then how quickly the storm came
I was fussin over stuff that seemed real lame
I kept apologizing cuz I aint wanna lose wat I had gained
I realize it was me…I am the one to blame

I cnt control my thoughts nd I cnt control my mouth
But I cnt hold my tongue and my ignorant attitude comes out

But I understand that there is only so much one can take
Nd I apologize but my attitude determined my fate

Now it back to the cold me
So that I wont hurt nobody
So that I ultimately wont hurt BRY.
I guess this is the way it has to be

I waited so long fo somethn nd now its all gone

Goodbye to the feelins

Bye bye heart

Im angry as I sit here as I sit nd think of the damaged I caused
I did it again..another good thing lost.

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