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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

C A R E free

Gotta watch where I wlk. Trying not to step in deep puddles.
I can deal wit the slight drizzle...but i cnt deal wit the cold torrential downpours nd gusty winds.
yu know, the wind that flips yur umbrella inside out.

Now your all wet.

The cars are zoomin' past nd yur walkin on the sidewalk, nd as they drive through the rain in the streets, yu step back in fear that yu will get splashed on.

Nd some days I forgit to wear culd i b so unprepared for the weather?

I try not to git my jeans wet but sometimes its hard to determine the depth of the puddle...until yu finally step in it...DAMN.
O O P S. Another foolish mistake.

And then, I worry bout those building wit the shiney slippery floors that I go into to get away from the rain. Where are all the ' C A U T I O N' signs? don't they know that there's a terrible storm outside? Or maybe they feel that we shuld know that since its raining outside we should walk carefully on the floors so that we don't slip and fall. COMMON SENSE, right?

But you know what? I got on my raincoat, boots, and my umbrella. I'm prepared for the weather.

But now i just sit and wonder......

What ever happened to the days when it was ok to go running in the rain? Care free. Splashing our feet in the puddles....mouth opened wide catchin the raindrops. Just enjoyin it all.

Instead we run from it. Hide ourselves in our rooms til the sun peaks through the clouds.

What happened to living life?


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