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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sticks and stones

Sssooooo I see what you throwin...but them words dont phase. I'm the only one who knows the REAL me. A lot of people think they do. My past doesn't define me. I live my life. I make mistakes. I do some questionable things but key word ..'I' do them. So let me do what I do is all I ask. Too many ppl have things to say. Since when does the way I live MY life effect anyone other than ME? Hhhmmmmmm....and this is why I laugh. I dont talk shit NOT because I cant back it up but simply because I am too grown for the childishness. I have nothn but love for everyone..even the shit talkers. <3>

you try and push me down but my feet are firmly planted. Still standing :)

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