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Monday, November 16, 2009

When feelings take over....

As I lay in my bed my mind refuses to sleep. A million thoughts run through my head.

When your feelings take over your eyes close and you walk with your heart.

Does this mean that you are now blind. Your lids are closed....your heart doesn't have eyes. So how is it that your heart can lead?

Have you ever closed your eyes and walked down a familiar path? You have taken that path so many times that you know that you don't need your use your memory. Your brain is forced then to remember how to get to the destination.

Think of love as a path. Your first time ever taking the path, you allowed your eyes to close. But see, this time you are blind. Your heart is unfamiliar to this strange new path but yet you let your heart try and find its way. That is the first mistake. Your heart ends up with cuts and bruises from bumping into things unseen. Scarred from the storms that could have easily been avoided.

The second time your guard is up. You refuse to close your eyes. You tell your heart you will never trust it to walk on that path again. ooooohhh no, you are smart this time, right?

During the journey, you are offered many things to help your trip on this path but you refuse them all. You are too scared to accept. You only trust YOU. You are thinking too hard this time. This is your second mistake.

Now, many times you often go through both of these ways of taking this path. Knowing that those ways are NOT the ways to take the path but you are not mature and wise enough to understand the real way how.

The path of love should be taken with your heart AND your mind leading you. Where ever your heart fails to remember which way to go..your mind comes in and helps. The mind and the heart are two of the most powerful things that a being has. It is also tricky to learn how to use them wisely.

It takes time.

You cannot rush things. Take time on this path and it WILL b worth it.

Love is a beautiful thing when you finally understand how it works.

Your heart is NOT the only thing that should be given.

M I N D B O D Y &nd S O U L

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